Kid Time Fitness Company

Creative Classes for Children and Families 

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School/ Daycare/ Home Class

Have a group of five or more? Let us come to you!

We offer Dance-Fit, Hip Hop, Cheer-Fit, and Ballet/ Jazz at off-site locations such as school, daycares, and even homes! We provide advertising brochures, registration, permission slips, class instruction and all needed equipment and supplies- Everything needed for class! Class times are arranged around school/ home schedules as well as instructor availability.

Classes are $32/month per student and are 40 minutes long, once per week.  Performance classes are $100 for 12 weeks! For school and daycare classes, 10% of the class fee goes straight back to the school! We work with parents directly so there is no extra work for the schools participating. Only 5 students are needed to start school, daycare or home based classes!

Call us today to start classes at your location!